"This book will brand me a heretic." —Seersgate

Conversations with King Jesus-The Altar - Seersgate

Conversations with King Jesus


Conversations with King Jesus: The Altar gives training and messages and reveals Yahweh’s Kingdom order. Susanna, known as Seersgate, shares portions of her spiritual stripping, wilderness cave training, and preparation for service through conversations with the One True God. These journal entries also cover moments of her journeys of faults, fears, pain from rejection, and woundedness. 


The purpose of this manual is to teach you, from Yahweh’s perspective, what He expects from those who seek Him. You will learn what He is looking for: clean hands and pure hearts, undying service to the King. You will also learn about the spiritual stripping endured to walk in this level of calling with Yahweh. The goal is to give others an understanding that Yahweh can bring a change to those who would worship Him in spirit and truth and enable those who are called to the offices under His hand to have assurance in knowing He will never leave you. 


Any servant under Yahweh’s house can learn Kingdom order from a prophet’s perspective. It is possible to have a relationship with the God named Jesus because He is alive!


Excerpts are coming; I promise!