What Makes Seersgate a Weapon and Dangerous?


What makes Seersgate so dangerous: is the giving of prophet traits from Yahweh that enables her to wage battle warfare against spirits at the level of world-sphere engagement. Here are just a few prophet traits that Seersgate carries:


(1) Hearing Yahweh as if another physical person stood in her personal space and gave her wisdom.

(2) “Spirit travel” by power from the Great Holy Spirit on Yahweh’s plan.

(3) Hearing private conversations or secrets without being present. Yahweh plays the conversation back as if Seersgate was there.

(4) Yahweh reveals a person’s heart and motives in doing an action.

(5) Yahweh reveals what “spirit” (Great Holy Spirit or demons) is working in influencing a person.

(6) Yahweh enables the ability to see and hear spirits of the unseen.

(7) Yahweh gives visions and dreams concerning others.

(8) Yahweh gives an interpretation of dreams about other people and what is given within the prophet.

(9) Yahweh enables the smelling of angels and demons.

(10) Yahweh gives the ability to feel the air for the presence of spirit beings.

(11) Yahweh upgrades the prophet in spirit dealings to engage materialized spirits.

(12) Yahweh enables the ability to have His spiritual wisdom on glimpses of plans as if viewing a vision.

(13) Seersgate is given the ability to hear Yahweh word-for-word and repeat what He says.

(14) Seersgate’s office covenant with Yahweh enables a sharing of His will without waiting on “soaking” music. Seersgate receives this gift as if living in the days of prophets of old.

(15) Seersgate’s meetings with Satan about Yahweh’s future work are given at the will of Yahweh. Satan goes through the forty angels in her angelic guard and begs her not to go into Las Vegas to take his hub away. Yahweh still reviews this particular meeting. Seersgate will yield to however Yahweh goes.

(16) Yahweh pushes world-level messages about the upcoming Age of the Antichrist and gives Seersgate His will in surgings.

(17) Yahweh gives delegated governing authority to give words of singing and prophetic praise that bring Yahweh’s singing plan into a church building or clay (the human).

(18) Yahweh enables a delegated governing to have Seersgate’s mantle shared with others under Yahweh’s work attached to Seersgate and Royal Sanctum. Yahweh is continually “interviewing” future team workers who will be able to take in this level of work; this mantle trait will include giving a surging into others to give them a plan to move forward in working with Seersgate.

(19) Along with the forty angels Yahweh enlists in Seersgate’s angelic guard, Yahweh also gives a host of angels in the nearby heaven who work with Seersgate to bring Yahweh’s plan forward when needed. Seraphim are working with the Seersgate office to bring a constant flow of the will of Yahweh.

(20) Thirty years of novice training (with parts covered in The Altar books) outline how Yahweh gave her ways to learn of His nature and spiritually strip from fleshly pride. After the upcoming full release, Yahweh will continually deal with Seersgate and shape her for the building up of Kingdom order in natural buildings. As Yahweh wills, more traits will come forward in the world-level ten-year mantle training.



(1) mantle will have full world-level reign over all governing authorities

(2) shift human clay

(3) raising the dead

(4) photos will bring the spirit world forward

(5) creative miracles

(6) body organs, limbs, and structures deformed grow back or reshape

(7) build healing rooms and bring in a world-level harvest

(8) travel at a moment’s notice from one nation to another without an airplane

(9) modern-day prophet of old

(10) three-level surging greater than all previous ways

(11) one of the greatest prophet traits you will manifest when within Yahweh’s way: raising a buried dead person

(12) demons will cause their hosts to wiggle on the ground when you walk near them

(13) carry the weight of a verbal spoken curse and death through touch and vision engagement with the intended

(14) a transfer of an illness

The World-Level Mantle Surging


May 18, 2022

5:10 a.m.


Yahweh is leading:


I will not look favorably on the ones who will not stand with My work in public stands. These closet friends are not real friends. That’s it.


You cry for that paralyzed man who was terribly hurt by law enforcement. But see why your crying is in vain. Look at it. The new way is here. Thirty days of vegetables and supplemental shakes will turn your whole way. Power. Power. Pray to Yahweh for My power. All I need you to do is put Me first. That is all Yahweh needs from your whole way.


Do not look at what things look like. I am faithful. Seersgate, you will turn this Father’s Day into the way of drinking a great surging that will come out of your whole way. This spirit strip that you take in—it will bring you a full power release. I just need a full thirty days, starting today.


Servant, you will not let those who ignored you be in your inner circle. All of those who were hiding in public dealings and separating from your work will also be separated from My work. There will not be an invite. I will not let them taste the surging past an outsider’s view.


I want to tell you a very important note: I will turn you. There will not be any holds placed upon your spirit. The mantle will have full world-level reign over all governing authorities. This work will be able to shift human clay. And raising the dead will be as second nature. But there is an even greater surging you know of from Me telling you of that way. The photos will bring the spirit world forward so that the spirits will be brought forward to look as if a materialized way.


Satan can hear you pray even in the Hell. You have a power-filled surging just to walk in this conditional release. I will make creative miracles stem from your mantle. I will give a way to have body organs, limbs, and structures deformed grow back or reshape. You will be a surging that will build healing rooms and bring in a world-level harvest.


You will be able to travel at a moment’s notice from one nation to another without an airplane. Yahweh will carry you under a free will plan. You will say, “Yahweh, we can go over to Paris for street ministry. I will check for other work and will carry you there—body included—from whatever current nation you live in over to the intended plan, within moments.


I will make raising the dead so much more casual than praying for the common cold that I would send many dead people forward by accidental praying. Here is where the reader must know that you are a modern-day prophet of old, and I will give a three-level surging greater than all previous ways. See why you are a danger? We gave your half-sister a dream of you casually praying for someone to be raised. And you know the dream. What if that gave a taste?


What is your greatest craving? Yes, that is a accurate way. You crave to see Yahweh give great surgings to boost Him, not for you to gain great glory. Yahweh is the Three Persons of the Godhead. And We know one of the greatest prophet traits you will manifest when within Yahweh’s way: raising a buried dead person. Give Me the known ones Yahweh wills: Paul Walker, Myles Munroe, and the singer Prince.


Where will you be safe? Where will others welcome you? Can you see it? The demons will cause their hosts to wiggle on the ground when you walk near them in the mall or the grocery store. Where will you make real friends who can stay and stand by your way? Where will you hide when the surging grows in strength, and the world knows of how you walk?


Where will you lay your head when Satan’s bride attempts to kill every person near? But Yahweh gives Opr____ a stern warning: Yahweh will send her to the Hell under ripping of flesh in spirit ways by her well-used demons within. Your way of covenant binds you to your God Yahweh. Opr___ will be swept away from the earth by a stare in the prophet’s vision. You are able to carry the weight of a verbal spoken curse and death through touch and vision engagement with the intended.


You are now seeing. Your God Yahweh is taking you through this training over ten years so that there will be no casualties based on a misuse of the mantle. Watch what I do. Do not give up. Keep praying for My power to give a real change in the earth. Enter the thirty days of turning. When back in Houston, take in a greater turning until we go and lay an impartation within a baby heir.


Watch what takes way as Yahweh gives a demonstration of My power by giving “foggy head” to a different way—a transfer of an illness till the curse given by the dead grandmother is broken by Yahweh. At the moment, build your faith in looking at how I can heal a person with noted dementia.