Seersgate’s Entry Letter


May 30, 2022

11:48 p.m.


As for my work: Yahweh has kept me in a spiritual thirty-year novice training to learn to do His will in giving Kingdom order to leaders under His care. I train people to take in Yahweh's Kingdom work. I am completing a transition before going into full-time work as a prophet under Yahweh's care. I will be released soon, take on more church visits, and begin healing ways with Yahweh as He sees fit.


Yahweh will have me visit various churches to gain a spiritual gauge of what He sees so that He will lay out a new reformation plan to bring the whole Body under a way of synced drinking. I will work with other leaders in the Christian faith who are willing to deal with spirit engagement in their natural living. My work deals with heavy spiritual warfare; dangerous work with those who are not wholly yielded to let Yahweh lead in their outlets.


Do not try to work with someone called to be a deliverer if you want to only live in peaceful engagements. Do not seek to team up with Seersgate if you fear raising the dead or expelling demons. Spirit engagement is the base of our work.


Giving Kingdom living is done with experiential work. That's Yahweh's way of dealing with me. And He is not a gentle, cuddly way because Satan isn't. Satan will kill you off at a moment's notice. And Yahweh trains Seersgate in heavy spiritual engagement so that when warfare comes, there will be deep spiritual roots to hinder being deceived and destroyed.


And we will wait on Yahweh in every planning. We never want to take His place of honor. We, humans, are not little gods. We must learn our place in this work, in Kingdom living, and pray to Yahweh for help, wisdom, and His surging. If you work with me, you must put Yahweh first.