Novice Training Excerpts

Yahweh requires more than a prayer.


To invoke Yahweh to raise the dead requires more than Kingdom citizenship. Yahweh will not have His way invoked by every Christian, not when dealing with the Great Holy Spirit’s resurrection power. Let’s take a look at some essential elements Yahweh demands in the process of raising any and every person in death in natural ways.


Yahweh will not transfer a person’s spirit back into the dead shell (body) without weighing the spiritual covenant He has with the one who prays. More than wailing and hollering and begging Yahweh is needed. The way of raising the dead—those in the death phase—will not happen by using anointing oils and saying fancy prayers. No earthly title or human training will grant power to have the King’s ear and enter a covenant plan under a resurrection power carrier.


Also included in this short training manual are some of the visions Seersgate tasted. Her main goal is to share the Good News of King Jesus, not base her work on how the mantle she wears handles spiritual engagement. Yet Yahweh says to share to give others a broader gauging of unseen matters.


Please note that we give excerpts of spirit engagement throughout our work, platform, and most of our books. May the notes shared draw you closer to Yahweh.