Seersgate is a modern-day prophet of old who carries a power surging that is laced with quick judgment.

Seersgate is a servant of the Lord. Her work builds up the Kingdom of Yahweh by winning souls for our Savior Yahweh, King Jesus. This work is active in spiritual engagement. We do not shy away from understanding that the spirit realm exists. And in this case, we come willing to learn and prepare for battle warfare. The Great Holy Spirit gives experiential training so that others will become aware of the ways Satan engages and how to stay firm in the work of the Kingdom.


Entry Notes to Understanding the Servant

The Servant spent ten years in a spiritual cave and a total of thirty years in novice prophet training under Yahweh’s plan. Yahweh trained this Seersgate as a prophet of old to be enabled to endure the harsh demands of pushing forward healing rooms and a new era, the Age of the Antichrist.


In her training before the three-year presentation, she tasted different levels of spiritual engagement with angels and demons in tester work environments. Even though her work is experiential, she gives wisdom in teachings that deal with Kingdom order. But she is not given a platform to boast but to send people to the Great Way King Jesus for healing and salvation that is available through His shed blood. The goal is to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ.

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Given Before August 25, 2022

Yahweh Says,

We're in a different way. Just like with Moses, if only sharing the news about righteous living and serving I AM was enough to turn Pharaoh, no sign gifts would have been needed. But Yahweh needed to prove it, the new way.

In this 'now' time frame, there is no way that sharing the gospel will be enough with just words.

Yahweh has to accelerate the turning with plagues, signs, wonders, and major power shiftings. The power must succeed world-level demons on the earth. It's time for the sign gifts from old to come forward in fullness. My power is surely great; nothing compares to it. Will they believe you? It doesn't matter.