For Seersgate, Yahweh merged her wooing and novice training to keep her stable with the work. Yahweh provided Seersgate with personal proof of engagement while learning of those novice prophet traits. It's not that she was special. She needed to believe she is what Yahweh says without any other human giving approval, backing, or a saying that Yahweh calls her to prophet ways.

Seersgate's Novice Training took on a season of thirty years. Within those thirty years was a season in a spiritual cave, ten years of tester rejection to learn how to deal with the world and the spirit realm without spiritual backing from Yahweh.

Please Note: Even when a servant is a novice, they are still under Yahweh's hand of training in prophet duties. The main difference with being a novice is that Yahweh gives no provision, protection, or power; as a novice, the spiritual engagement is as if in the real world.


  • Activation of seeing and hearing

  • Yahweh calls the servant

  • Vivid Visions and Dreams



Novice Training

  • Tasting of Prophet Traits

  • Learning the Mantle


Cave Training

  • A Separation unto Yahweh

  • Spiritual Stripping

  • Dealing with Old Pain and Hurt


The Altar is coming and will provide a complete overview of the Cave training.



  • The Period after Novice Training

  • A Conditional Release

  • Active Messages Begin to Come Forward

  • In Placement for the Real Work

  • Yahweh Sets up the Office (Spiritual Preparation)