January 7, 2022

11:01 a.m.


Yahweh leads it:


See how those who hold grudges will end up blocking someone? But you have blocked many. Why did you do that? Yahweh commanded you. Now, why would I have you block anyone? Well, some were having you weakened with sexual traits. Others had ill ways and wanted your way out of their way. And so, Yahweh banned them. But here is where others would say that you are really bitter and angry, holding a grudge against others who have brought you painful ways. But Yahweh would have to disagree because Yahweh has no ill actions.


So, why do I treat others who engage you in harsh ways when they come strongly against you? Was it always this way? No, it was not. I allowed the bitter, angry persons to speak harsh ways. I did not defend you when you were in the former training way—over thirty years of striving, having others put up major ways of ill actions against the way of the work. I let them move strongly against your way, saying how you are a fake, a heretic, and a jezebel.


I did not back novice prophets then, nor do I give a novice prophet a way of provision, protection, and power attached to the mantle. The mantle of a released, active prophet carries the weight of a covenant Yahweh must back up. And in today’s church culture, the way of grace absorbs My anger, and the one who carries ill actions will not feel the brunt way.


See how a church under the grace plan will feel only love and will not imagine that the God of the Old Testament is literally the same God of the New Testament. Yahweh is:


  • Father God

  • God the Great Holy Spirit

  • God King Jesus


Yahweh is all Three in One God. There is one God; He is represented in Three Persons. King Jesus was always God, not just the Son of Man. See it. Yahweh is the God I AM who met with Moses and told him to go back into Egypt. Yahweh is the actual name of I AM, the LORD.


There is no plan that makes any human turn into a lowercase god. And angels were not born as humans who died and turned into angels. Yahweh created all. I did not intend to have sin enter. Satan is a fallen angel who once had a powerful delegated work under Yahweh. And now Satan is a fallen being, a demon that roans the earth, seeking whom he may devour. Satan is not bound and under a person’s feet, as Christians would speak. Satan will deal with the sinner under this age with a plan that brings doubt and distraction so that the ways of the world are put first.


Here is how it was before I came and died on the cross and rose again: I allowed prophets, judges, and seers to have a way for active engagement with Yahweh as if a power stream came straight from the Heaven. The power of Yahweh would come upon them and would enable great sign gifts. When a prophet gave a will, there was always a backing, and I would bring the plan forward. But I had to lead that prophet into My released will. I still needed them to deal with personal ways so that they would have a synced plan with Me.


The prophets of old are what they are called as, and today, those prophets before the New Testament are still seen in this manner, with sign gifts that the current church outlets are withheld. These prophets were territorial and had governing spheres that required power that complemented the work ordered. There’s a difference between a person saying a prophetic word versus someone saying a Word of the Lord. And here is how those in the Church Age are mistaken and off course, depending on fake messages; they think that any prophetic plan or feeling in their gut could be a real message.


And here is the era that you came forward in, Seersgate. You were birthed forth in the Church Age, an era that has the Great Holy Spirit living within the believer, yet not an accurate way of hearing is within the Church. What have I done with your spirit? From the young age of thirteen, Yahweh forced you to listen as if you sit next to Me.


When a doctor states that they have over thirty years of training, they are admired as a seasoned worker, one of great skill, wisdom, and governing authority. But when a person states that they have heard Yahweh lead them in daily conversations and training for more than a thirty-year planning, no one shows that person any respect. They would go and ask many for counsel and then ask the one who says they hear Yahweh. What is the point of having a real servant come and give instruction if it’s going to be ignored?


But how were prophets of old dealt with? Yahweh was not a lenient way: They could taste the pain, anger, and power. Yahweh would have that prophet come under Kingdom order and face Him where there would be no grace that would protect the prophet from Yahweh’s harsh ways. And with a direct engagement with Yahweh, the power is poured out in its full strength based on what governing detail is given to the servant.


What did I do with you? You were trained to hear Me word-for-word as if you were born in the times of other prophets of old. I cannot say that you are a prophet of old like an Elijah, but I can say that you are trained as a prophet of old just as if you were birthed in that time frame.


And along with that way of spiritual engagement, I have taken you from under the Church Age and placed you under the full way of Kingdom order, a governing plan that leads over all plans. All eras are under Yahweh’s Kingdom order. That’s why I gave a woman a plan to be a judge. But how the Church Age will not give a woman a preacher role on a church platform at My order will not take away the plan that has a woman lead.


Your work is a building-up power plan that will require others who have a prophet’s spirit and office-level traits to have impartations from your mantle that will bring the work forward. They say that the foundation is already built in the Church, that prophets and apostles are no longer needed. That is an accurate plan, not in the level of sign gift prophets and apostles.


But what if God Yahweh plans to build up a Kingdom order that will prepare the world for when Yahweh comes to reign on Earth? What if the antichrist closes all the soon-coming healing rooms, but Yahweh comes and reestablishes Kingdom order for that thousand-year rule on this current earth?


Look at how a new plan is coming forward. Now have a real way to see it. Look at how the Church is but a small portion of time on the history calendar. The ways of how the Church goes forward will not determine how I give order in My Kingdom as a whole. Just as the Torah is but a portion, what has been canonized by man under the Church way is but a portion of how I give order.


I birthed a prophet of old out of the timing as the ones before so there can be a power level that can give a power era that will usher in the age of the antichrist and form healing rooms all over the natural earth. And a thirty-year plan under novice training was the bare minimum to have your hearing dealt with. You did not have to soak in My presence to hear from Yahweh; I just started talking. That’s how I talk with the office prophet.


That’s why I say that no one will have a full awareness of your work. It doesn’t make sense to them how you carry eating restrictions and how Yahweh cuts off ill-willed people from your mantle. Yahweh judges in harsh ways and will not sugarcoat with those who deal with your way. The powerful surging from My Throne Room is literally entering your spirit. And that is the surging that’s required to build up all of these healing rooms.


I have some areas that I want you to stay in: Las Vegas and Paris are the two top priorities. I am not slow in giving out the power. I do not hold any grudges with those who walk against your mantle. If you were not trained as a prophet of old, I would not interfere with how others treat Me within your mantle.


That is the problem with how others view you. They think they come against just a little human who has pain and issues, but they ignore your mantle and how your God Yahweh must come and back you as if you were a prophet of old.


I cannot ignore the way of others and how they move against My message in My servant. And so, with that introduction, the world will have a better understanding of how those who come before Me when dealing with you are killed in an instant way for their irreverent action. But with knowing this, they still will not humble themselves before a mighty God and will take My nature for granted and will protest your coming to their town when they have real ways of proof when they can taste it.


Power, not natural wealth, is the way to build up a great outlet under Kingdom order. No church building is your home mentor way. You are held accountable by how the message comes and must be backed up. I can give a plan, and then I can choose to overwrite that plan. The first plan spoken was My plan. I changed the plan and gave a new plan. That is a Scriptural way. I can also give a promise and then hold the time of when it should come to pass. Some would say that a prophet has not spoken, not considering that I have a hold on that message until other plans are lined up.


With a free will detail, some give Me their way, and then they change their way. Here is a good example: I promised the children of Israel that I would take them into a land flowing with milk and honey. But what happened? They were a rebellious plan who did not want to move forward into battle as I instructed and told My leaders that they would rather die off in the wilderness than have their families deal with what was ahead. And so, I gave them what they wanted. Did I lie? No. How could I give the promise in the natural when the congregation, as a whole, did not want to bend to My Kingdom order? And one may have been innocent in the congregation, but I judged them as a whole. Moses, Joshua, and Caleb still had to wait for the forty-year judgment to come forward. They were punished, in a sense, with those who My anger walked against. And I killed them still, those who walked against Me.


See, no one can come strongly against Me and make Me bend. They can hinder, but they ultimately cannot halt My will.


I wanted your way to take care of her, but I could not bring you forward because your husband changed his mind about returning to Virginia. And that placed a hold on the plans. But I still will give her that vow once I start.