December 21, 2021

3:37 p.m.

What is a Seersgate? A person who gains seer traits to give into natural avenues from a spirit-based source. Real outlets of a seersgate will have an active covenant with the real God Yahweh to share seer traits into those who are mentored or engaged.

In work dealings, a seersgate must not give out their own understanding, but must funnel their deity’s way of seeing into the governed sphere.

A seersgate is a gatekeeper between the natural and spirit changes in their work under Kingdom order. The seersgate must be held accountable by giving their seer traits to protect the rights of the Church and must submit their planning to Yahweh.

Seersgate is a prophet that trained separate from church outlets and has a full way of novice training in Yahweh as if birthed forward as a prophet of old. And no outlet has a authority to birth forward this calling, for the power of the “gate” ways must move forward by Kingdom order within the covenant the prophet agrees to take on with Yahweh.

The call to a work level of seersgate is to automatically set them up for a way of rejection. And only can seersgate carry the full work with the help of Yahweh, for striving will bring a destitute nature, lacking spiritual gain.

A seersgate operates under Kingdom dealings and not under a separated culture or era, relating to historical ways, so they can freely give a stated way to overrule all former ways.

A seersgate gives verbal rewrites as they hear it from Yahweh—God Father, God King Jesus, and God Great Holy Spirit. And this is why a separated way, a holy unto Yahweh, is a mandatory way, with a lifestyle of fasting and continual submission to hearing and obeying the Great God Yahweh.

Yahweh says this way:

No one can be an actual seersgate without a real God giving them provision, protection, and great power. Getting natural wealth is not a way to prove that you carry this surging. Yahweh has to give a real way of proving where a sign comes forth. What is your way of proving that you carry this spiritual weight? It must be shown within your presentation way.